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Beat The Heat And Your Bui

Nothing derails a highlight summer quite like a BUI arrest. An arrest and conviction for BUI can have lifelong consequences. Knowing the law and how it applies to you is critical to overcoming such adversity. There are hard suspensions at stake that could result in you losing your privilege to boat for a year or more in some cases. It’s a lot to take in, but that’s why we take pride in helping our clients beat these charges.

We Know What it Takes to Beat the Evidence Against You

BUI investigations and arrests are conducted in a very similar fashion to a DUI stop. You will be questioned about your intention, your direction, and most importantly, your possible use of substance. You will also be asked to submit to testing, both chemical and field sobriety. Do not be fooled! No matter how pleasant these DNR officers may be, they are building their case against you. Your answers do matter, and your compliance or lack thereof will directly impact just how strong their case becomes.

Don’t Delay, Call Us Now

Time is of the essence in a BUI case. There is a 10 day limit from the day of your arrest to file a petition of a possible automatic suspension of your privilege to boat in the state of Georgia. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions about BUI law in Georgia or would like to set up a consultation to speak with our BUI expert.