Photo of Minerva Cansino Blanchette
Photo of Minerva Cansino Blanchette

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At Cansino Blanchette Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys know the approaches that work and how to arrive to court ready to win. 

Photo of Minerva Cansino Blanchette

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We know the fear prosecutors try to instill in defendants. As a former prosecutor, attorney Blanchette is all too familiar with the tactics prosecutors and investigators use to build their cases. Fortunately, we know how to defend against these arguments with ease. More importantly, we know the law and the elements they need to prove. We will not let prosecutors intimidate you. You do not need to walk into the courtroom uneasy and unsure of what to expect. We set expectations upfront and are honest no matter what.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Shielding you from criminal charges is our team’s mission. When your reputation is on the line, our team is ready to stand in your place and create a battle plan that will help us in our fight for victory.

Facing Criminal Charges?
Other Legal Services

Other Legal Services

Outside of our criminal law practice, our lawyers also assist clients in legal matters such as uncontested divorces, probate proceedings and wills. No matter what stage you are at in your case, our attorneys can provide sound legal advice and representation.

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What Should I Do If I Am Facing Criminal Charges?

Whether you have been arrested for DUI or a traffic offense, every criminal charge should be taken seriously. Making mistakes can be avoided during the process if you know what to do. Any mistake can be detrimental to your case.

Here are some tips if you are charged with a criminal offense:

  • Hire an attorney An attorney is key to ensuring your rights are protected. Cops may have violated your constitutional rights or procedures during your arrest. Key evidence that has the potential to reduce your sentence or prove your innocence may go overlooked. Our team can review every aspect of your case to identify areas of opportunity that will build your defense.
  • Remain silent Do not offer up information to investigators or answer their questions. Invoking your right to remain silent is your best bet to avoid self-incrimination. You should refrain from posting about the incident on social media as your posts may be entered into evidence in court. You are still cooperating with a police investigation if you are remaining silent.
  • Do not enter a plea Until you have consulted with an attorney, do not enter a plea. Some defendants automatically plead guilty depending on what their public defender and prosecutors have told them. However, this can be a grave mistake. Consult with one of our lawyers if you are facing criminal charges to learn about various plea deals.

Our Experience Expands Beyond Criminal Defense

Although they are smaller parts of our practice, we proudly represent Georgians with other legal matters. We have assisted countless clients with matters regarding uncontested divorces, probate proceedings and wills. Whether you are a soon-to-be divorcee or personal representative of an estate, our lawyers can handle your case and evaluate your options.

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